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“Less is More”, is the new in and minimalism is trending big even in terms of bathroom dé;cor. So, if you wish to declutter and have a clean and clear bathroom, then now is the time. If you pose a nose for that simple and clutter-free bathroom, then go ahead and have a minimalist bathroom decor. Clean is the new in and a clutter-free look in the bathroom is ideal.

Here are the 5 tips for a minimalist bathroom.

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1. De-Clutter: To have a minimalist design bathroom, start by de-cluttering and getting rid of all the extras. Those shampoo bottles and lotions, which are not in use, simply store them out of sight or discard. The moment you discard the extras and have the bare essentialsaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, your toilet will start looking clean, instantly. If you don’t wish to throw away the extra stuff from the toilet, at least store it in some cabinet.

2. Infuse Pastels: After de-cluttering the bathroom, add pastel colours that will give a light and soft feel. If you already have dark colour tiles in the bathroom, then play it down using soft colour shower curtains. It is an easy and nice way of balancing the bathroom and giving it a light feel. When going for shower curtains, you can go for prints and patterns to infuse more colours and texture. But, keep it restricted to two contrasting or coordinated shades. Otherwise, too many colours will negate your aim of a minimalist bathroom. In addition, if you plan to subtle the bathroom looks using a shower curtain, ensure that it is an easy to maintain one.

3. A Statement, Storage Piece: Of course, clearing up the extras will help to give a clean look, which will be further enhanced by adding soft colour curtains. But, it is equally important to organize the essentials in the bathroom. So, opt for a storage piece, which can also work as a statement piece. If you wish to add a storage cabinet or floating shelves in a bright colour, then go ahead. Even in a minimalist dé;cor, one or two statement pieces are fine. But, a bathroom is usually small so stick to one such piece. Other than a storage cabinet, keeping the daily essentials on a wall mounted shelves can be a perfect idea. You can opt for a colourful or subtle one and stock-up your essentials on it.

4. A Big Mirror: Mirrors automatically give a feel of expanse and space. So, install a big mirror on the bathroom wall, which can give a larger feel to even a small bathroom. Opt for a sleek frame with a big mirror that will add to the space and appeal of the bathroom. And place the mirror right above the basin to achieve a minimalist bathroom decor.

5. Limit the Dé;cor &; Furniture: When it comes to the bathroom designs, don’t be overwhelmed and add too many candles or decorative vases. Limit to one candle or vase and try to have the surface free and clean. Likewise, when it comes to bathroom furniture, just have the bare minimum. Either go for a walk-in shower or free standing bath. Too much is not too cool anymore.

Incorporate these tips and have a clean and minimalist dé;cor in the bathroom. It will give the feel of expanse and will be easy to clean and maintain too. If you are looking for designer shower curtains to add the subtle look to the bathroom, then check the range at Deco Window, here. We have stylish shower curtains in subtle and bold hues, which you can wash and maintain at home. Likewise, for storage purpose, if wall shelves are on your mind, then you can get that too from Deco Window. Browse through our latest range of glossy wall shelves in bright colours and make them a statement piece in your bathroom. Let’s help you have that minimalist bathroom the easy way.

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