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As the editor of an interiors magazine, there’s no greater honour than being invited into a truly beautiful home. And that’s exactly what I got to do at the recent Open for Inspection event in Palm Beach, NSW.

We came across this beautiful home through architect Daniel Raymond, who just happened to be the owners’ son. His parents, Chesne and John, were looking to downsize after their children had grown up and moved out, and put their trust in their sonaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, and son-in-law – a builder. Eight months later and they had a beautiful home, and a family still intact. Now that’s impressive.

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On the day of the Inside Out Sheridan home tour, we arrived bright and early for a full day of touring and shooting for a series of videos. Anyone who has spent time on a photoshoot will know that sometimes what’s happening behind the camera looks very different from what’s in front – toys stashed behind doors, linen cupboards groaning with random pieces of furniture, you know how it is – but, in this case, this immaculate home delivered the dream. And that’s what seems to happen in well-designed properties. A place for everything and everything in its place, the crew and audience arrived to a family home that is an incredible example of easy, relaxed Australian living.

Hosting the tour by my side was Shannon Vos, truly the easiest man to work with (and he’s OK to look at, too). Over the period of a few hours, we shared details of the build and interior choices with a team of bloggers, exclusively invited to share the experience. The specifics of how the design achieves that beautiful mix of indoors and out (a great view of Pittwater definitely helps) can be found in both the structural build and finishes, but also the decorative textural layers, in this case in a neutral palette.

Standing together in the kitchen at the end of the tour, the general consensus was that each of us would give at least one body part to be able to move in instead of pack up to ship out. We lingered over the marble bench gazing out to the view, which even clouded over was a beautiful ever-changing artwork, sharing our favourite details. Mine was the black ceiling truss details, while Shannon was all about the upwards-facing lighting sconces designed to highlight the incredible raked ceiling.

After the home tour, we created a series of how to videos to help home stylists create beautiful textures in their homes. As we layered and folded delicious Sheridan accessories, such as the ‘Ryeburn’ leather cushion (my fave!) and ‘Haden’ knitted throw, we show how just a few lush textures take your home from lovely to luxe.

For a virtual video tour of the property and how to videos on how to achieve similar results, head to the Inside Out YouTube channel.

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