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Cleaning your Outdoor Table is EASY with Mr. Clean

Cartoons were hard to come by back in the day, they were only aired on Saturdaysaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, so Mr. Clean was my favorite commercial!

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?I was asked if I’;d like to work with Mr. Clean and of course I did! I LOVE those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!?I’;ve been using them daily on my sister’;s outdoor table while I’;m in Utah. They are great for?your outdoor space.

This Sunscreen Spray Station is also getting a lot of use!

The day my kids go back to school after winter break is when the New Year officially starts for me.? Because while they’re still home, I’m still in vacation mode.? The routine is off, everyone stays up later, we play a little harder, watch more movies, eat more treats, and everyone sleeps in a little later (hallelujah!).

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Here’s a note from Morian?Whaley, an artist at OESD: