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Making your home inviting and cozy is the top priority of every homemaker and doing so doesn’t necessarily always mean buying new furniture or seeking a professional’s advice. Just like some basic accessories help you stylize your wardrobe, a few trimmings can help in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. To start with, just focus on adding colors to your home to make it look vivid and vibrant. It goes a long way in giving a new and attractive feel. And when I say colors, I don’t mean spending loads of money in painting the walls either but using simple and affordable ways like colorful curtains, rugsaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, cushions, bedspreads, and showpieces.

Let’s start by treating your windows with some colorful curtains or even simpler by using curtain rods. If you are an early riser, lighter hues curtains can be seamless for your bedroom and for those who like to start their day late, deeper tones can be ideal. While, choosing the right curtains for your living room and bedroom, the paint hue and texture should also be considered. For textured walls with light paint, plain and dark curtains can play the trick, and if the walls are painted with deeper tones then lighter hues are apt. Curtains alone can change the very appearance and feel of a room.

Along with curtains, you can also change the curtain rods, so that it gives a well thought of and synchronized feel. For plain and bold curtains, try colorful rods and for that earthly look in your living room play up with wooden rods. But if your kid’s bedroom already has colorful or printed curtains you can still experiment with bold, colored rods as a vibrant kid’s bedroom looks more attractive and striking.

But before adding colorful accessories you must imagine a picture of the room as a whole. So, if the walls are painted in light shades, then you can add solid, dark color curtains and mix and match your sofa cushion covers. You can also buy dark and light hue cushions and keep changing. Likewise, you can play with the bedspreads in a similar fashion.

So, check for these varied and vividhome accessories and change the look and feel of your home with ease without hurting your pocket. These little changes can make your old home and furniture look new and beautiful.

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