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When we say Tattered Angels Paints adhere to any surface, we really mean it. ?Marie shows these beautiful hand painted?clogs today on the blog. ?Clogs have been made for approximately 800 years according to the Dutch Clogs Website. ?These protective shoes are made of wood and were designed to protect the feet when working in the fields and in the factories. ?They are also used for a number of dance styles. ?Today clogs are a fashion?statement and worn around?the world. ?The come in and out of trend, but after 800 years they are still a fashion statement. ?The original clogs were completely made of wood and covered the entire foot, today’;s clogs are a bit easier to wear and have a touch more style. ?If you are not into clogs, but love the idea of these DIY painted shoes, why not paint on?rain bootsaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative,?sandals or even a pair of flats. ?Tattered Angels paints will adhere to wood, leather, plastic, etc. so?to matter what your shoes are made of you can have fun making them your own. ?This is also a great idea for a pair of worn out shoes you are not quite ready to get rid of. ?

I still remember the painted clogs my mother bought me when I was four years old. She had been on a trip to our capital and came home with them. They where the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The little boutique she bought them in still exist and I stay by their window to look at the beautiful hand painted things as soon as I visit the Old Town in Stockholm.

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When I found a pair of plain black clogs for my daughter I came up with the idea of using the Decor &; DIY Paints to bring them into something extra.

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY Paint is the perfect paint choice for reusing, repurposing, refinishing, redoing, reclaiming, redecorating or simply painting great decor and creative projects. Tattered Angels Decor and DIY paint offers a good quality, high performing paint that appeals to the most flexible range of do-it-yourself, decorating and craft painting. Paints are sold in 8 ounce containers and are available in 28 fresh, trendy colors. I have used the colors Ruby, Viridian, Saffron and Jade. ?You can also blend them to create your own colors. ?Tattered Angles High Impact Paints are also a great choice for painting shoes as both of them wear well, can get wet and have a great finish when dry.

My skills in hand painting flowers are not?the best, but the texture and coverage of the Decor &; DIY paints made this project easy. Hopefully my daughter will remember them with as much joy as I do with mine.

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY Paint “;Saffron”;

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY Paint “;Ruby”;

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY Paint “;Jade”;

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY Paint “;Viridian”;

Note: ?the paint bottles shown are tester bottles used by our design team. ?The paint is shipped in 8 ounce containers. ?You can purchase the High Impact Paints in 1.35 ounce containers as a smaller alternative to the Decor and DIY Paints. ?Both paints are a terrific option for all of your Craft, DIY and Decorating needs. ?They will adhere to virtually any surface, no sanding, no priming, no top coat. ?So stock up, decorate a paint of shoes and let the creative painting begin.

Happy Creating!!!

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Today I was planning to write a blog post about all the different ways you can use our Top Base tables to get the exact look, size and functionality you need for any room. Choose from 10 table base styles, 21 top materials, and tons of sizes (even custom sizes!), etc. But then I realized all of you have been teaching us a thing or two lately with the beautiful photos you’ve shared with #roomandboard. Check out what your fellow Room & Board fans are doing with Top Base tables in their homes to find some inspiration for yours.

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