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By Shruti Sankhe

I always wanted to write a post related to fashion. Surprisingly, Fashion Faux Pas or fashion misstep was all I had in mind. Doesn’;t mean I’;ve been through it just that “;I’;ve never been there and done that but I’;ve seen tons of blatant fashion errors”;.

For all the fashion conscious out there, before you take that fashion plunge you need to know are the Do’;s and Don’;ts. To be honest,? fashion has never succeeded to challenge me enough to experiment as I have always followed and will follow the tried and tested trends.

I honestly believe that fashion is all about respecting your body type and wearing something that flatters and makes you feel good about yourself. It certainly involves picking something which reflects your own style rather than following trends blindly. ?Talking of trends, since these days there are so many options out thereaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, it’s easy to falter. To avoid making a grave fashion error, the first trick is to know which type you are. Once you zero down on that, avoiding fashion errors is simple enough. Just follow the 4 tips mentioned below.

What’s Your Type?

Apples need to distract the eye balls from their ample bosom to their buxom bottom. Pears need to cut all the attention from the heart of their bottom to and paste it on to the bottom of their heart. Hour-glasses…all they need to do is make the rest of the world a bit less jealous. To the ones who need curves apart from basic roti, kapda and makaan…EAT…if that?doesn’;t?help EAT MORE.

Choose Colours Wisely

Can’t really imagine lives without colors, now can we? Considering our ?warm skin tones, we can try out every color from the canvas. Hence, lighter shades in spring and rich dark luscious ones for the fall. Medium skin tones must prove that neutral shades aren’t boring so change the dull beige to beautiful beige and garbage grey to glamorous grey. Against the age old convention of lighter ones wear dark and vice versa, dark skin loves deep rich colors as well. Any color which isn’t too bright for comfort of the onlookers is great. Avoid TIDE safedi wala whites, opt for off whites, pale greys, and deep burgundy, rich berry colors.

3 Is The Magic Number

Whatever might be the occasion, try not to wear more than three colors in your outfit.

Three colors – GoodFour –; Forgiveness grantedFive –; UltimatumSix or more – Go check if the nearest circus authorities are ready to hire you

Go Easy With The Accessories

Accessories add the charm for sure but don’t overdo it or else you will end up looking like mobile charm and talisman stall. A nice pair of big dangler earrings, chic neckpiece OR nice big watch…refrain from replacing the OR with AND. One accessory to enhance the look and others subtle enough to let the former get all the attention. Don’t confuse the onlooker by combining dozens of them. With respect to accessories, just one piece of bling and you are all set to grab their hearts full of admiration but more bling and you will end up with the eyes full of exasperation.

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