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When many people think of blinds, they tend to imagine the generic-looking, white horizontal blinds they’re used to see in bare-bones office buildings and cookie cutter apartments. However, it’s important to note that modern options in blinds are a far cry from the lackluster offerings of yesteryear and one of the most popular of those options is the fabric blind.

Fabric blinds come attached to all the same incredible benefits we associate with more common options. They’re not see through at all, so they help to preserve our privacy from prying eyes. They’re also built to control how much light and heat are allowed into a given room through the windows, so they offer a lot of control over your environment and help you save on energy costs. Howeveraccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, fabric blinds go the extra mile when it comes to adding a great look and lots of flexibility to the mix.

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The trick to finding the right set of fabric blinds for your home lies in really knowing your options inside out before you hit the stores with the intention to buy. Let’s take a closer look at what you have to choose from.

Blackout Vs. Light-Filtering

One of the first things you need to determine when considering your choices in fabric blinds is exactly how much light you want the blinds to actually allow into your room. The two basic styles you have to pick from in this regard are blackout and light-filtering.

Blackout shades are great choices for people that really want the option of keeping any light from getting into the room when the blinds are drawn. For instance, sunlight can really disrupt the human sleep cycle, so blackout blinds are a terrific option for people that need to be able to nap or sleep during the day, but aren’t able to do so if there’s any light in the room. Blackout blinds are also highly effective when it comes to controlling how much heat is allowed to enter or leave the room through the window panes, so they’re also big favorites with people looking into blinds as a way to save money on their power bills.

Light filtering blinds are better picks for people that definitely want the privacy that blinds can offer, but would still like to allow at least a little light into the room through the blinds. They’re prized for their natural, tranquil look and the light, airy feel they lend to a room – perfect for sun lovers or those that don’t like to feel completely disconnected from the outside when they draw their shades.

Different Styles of Fabric Blinds

With fabric becoming more and more popular as far as blinds go, you definitely have the lion’s share in regards to style choices. Whether you’re looking for classic or modern, sleek and pared down or regal and elaborate, fabric blinds represent terrific ways to add the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Classic and Pared Down

If you’re looking for a set of blinds that comes attached to a classic feel and an affordable price point, then you might want to consider looking into either horizontal Venetian blinds or Vertical blinds. Both of these styles are available in a variety of different fabric types, as well as a rainbow of colors. Choose Venetian blinds for smaller windows and vertical blinds for tall, floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass doors. Select colors and textures that match the overall look and feel of your room.

Sleek and Modern

If you’re someone that likes the idea of blinds, but would prefer to avoid the well-known slatted look, modern Roman blinds or roller shades might be a better choice for you. Roller shades consist of one continuous piece of fabric that is rolled up or down by way of a string-style pulley. They’re inexpensive and very flexible, so they go well with a wide variety of different décor options. Roman blinds consist of a single fabric-covered panel that forms graceful, attractive folds when raised. They’re absolutely perfect for people who want to add a contemporary flare to their room instead of going for a purely utilitarian option.

When choosing fabric blinds, always make sure to go for value, as opposed to simple settling for the cheapest options. Choose well-known brand names and good quality fabrics known for their durability. Always make sure to buy from established vendors with a solid reputation for offering an excellent product as well. The right fabric blinds are all about quality. After all, you and your home deserve nothing less!

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