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Reminiscent of the sharp geometric wallpaper designs of the 1940s and 50s, the Vertigo range is a perfect fabric choice for the increasingly popular eclectic design style which tastefully and skilfully incorporates a broad mix of nostalgia, contemporary design and design classics. The colour range perfectly complements the retro angular style, including lots of daring and well conceived colour-ways - retro lime paired with oh-so modern off white being the best example of how the fabric deftly links 70 years of design.

Achieving an elegantly eclectic room can take practice and more than your fair share of shopping around and reading up on various design eras. To speed things along, I have included a basic guide to creating a well rounded “ecollection”!

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An eclectic styled interior designed room is brought together when the furnishings relate to each other in colour, pattern, scaleaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, texture, finish, or shape. The colour schemes used can be diverse, but as a general rule, neutral colours are important both as a backdrop and for large furniture pieces. Perfect colours for this include white, cream, grey, black, brown, taupe, and putty. Contrast is an important element for colours and materials in eclectic style interior design. Other eclectic elements include:

When combining various furniture pieces, assemble complementary items based on their shapes, fabrics, or finish. A curvy, French sofa can be paired with a modern chaise lounge when the materials have some commonalities – perhaps coordinating fabrics are used on each piece. While an eclectic room’s fabrics should harmonize with each other, that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Use interesting mixes of patterns and textures which have a similar hue in common, then add details like beaded trim or fringe detail.

Combining different finishes can also increase the feel of eclecticism in a room. For example, grey walls accentuate a silver statue, which contrasts nicely in front of an antique tapestry. Mix and match furnishings by their finishes and textures while keeping an eye on their relationship to each other in the overall room design. The goal is a controlled contrast of diverse elements.

To keep your furniture and accessories in line with true eclectic style interior design, combine pieces that are no less than two eras apart. This technique will keep the pieces in greater contrast to each other. For an informal, provincial look, you could combine furnishings such as Windsor style chairs, a French country, and 1950s American style textiles.

Eclectic rooms may take a little more thought but the experimentation necessary makes it a particularly fun scheme to embark on and when successfully done, one that can produce stunning results.

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