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Now that the weather is getting nicer it’;s hard to not want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I’;m not an “;outdoorsy”; person. You likely won’;t get me to go camping, but I still love being outside whether that means taking a long walk or lounging in a beautiful outdoor space. Oh yes, who doesn’;t love spending their time outside on a gorgeous day? Just chillin with a refreshing (adult) beverage, maybe for a picnic or an intimate outdoor get togetheraccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, or even just with a good book.

The point is that if you have a patio or a deck or heck even just a strip of grass, you should be utilizing that space for socializing and relaxation. Right now Dan and I have two small balconies with just a little bit of furniture but these photos get me excited for when we have a bit more space. If I had any of these inspiring outdoor spaces you’;d never catch me inside while the sun was out.

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Take it Outside –; Target Patio Makeover | Emily Henderson?–; This feels so Californian with the stone wall and creeping vines and the combination?of greenery with bulb lights. The mix of blue and white textiles and warm and cool tones make for a cozy outdoor space.

Sommarmorgon | Lilla Villa Vita?–; I love this outdoor space because it reminds me so much of Seattle summers, which are gorgeous by the way. But those hanging chairs are perfect. Imagine sitting there, reading a book, birds chirping, surrounded by flowers, maybe a butterfly or two fluttering by…;

50 Gardens And Terraces That Make The House A Summer Beauty | Design Rulz –; I wanted to avoid tables in this lounge focused post but hello! The hammock and swing! All of this right by the river? What a lovely combination. Have a long?lunch, take a nap in the hammock, that’;s summer relaxation at its finest.

House Tour Neutral and Lush in Sydney | unduetre ilaria?–; This outdoor space is so luxurious. Every aspect of this lounge area is colorful from the palm trees to the royal blue tiles in the pool and coral fabric on the massive lounger. It calls out to so many glamorous outdoor party scenes in movies and TV over the years. Just be careful not to pull a Don Draper.

Brazil Summer House | Mechant Studio?–; Imagine?renting a house for vacation and seeing this on the back patio. I’;d be pretty darn happy about this outdoor space. You just know there would be wonderful late night conversations on that big bench. And taking a quick dip?on a hot day? Delightful.

50 Gardens And Terraces That Make The House A Summer Beauty | Design Rulz?–; This is the kind of patio lounge area to have if you throw a lot of parties. This set up is just stunning. I love the colors in this photo: the green, white, and brown textiles with the mixture of cream and white of the benches, chair, and patio. It’;s soothing but ready for a soirée.

It’s not an overstatement to say that old and worn out wooden pallets or barn wood are home decor DIYer’s one true love! Building awesome pieces of furniture and decoration for your space, it totally takes the cake with that weathered texture and vintage appeal. And, putting old, otherwise not-so-usable pieces of wood not only gives an all new purpose to it, but also saves on the cost for the overall project. Here are 14 Rustic Barn Wood Projects Restoring the Oomph Factor Of Old Pieces of Wood!

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