accent pillow case baby burlap decorative Smudgy Framed Chalkboards Nudes in the Living Room geometric cushion covers

Carlos Mota

This interior by designer and stylist?Carlos Mota?jumpstarted two great?ideas for our space. We wondered:??Is that a painting or a framed chalkboard, wiped out in the most purposely smudgy wayaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, with nude drawn on it? We love the idea of a chalkboard framed to be a constantly changing artwork. And especially a nude smack in the middle of a living space, which can’;t help but cool it out.

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We thought of Carlo Mollino’;s nudie mirror

Carlo Mollino

And Jean Cocteau’;s Villa Santo Sospir

? Aurelie Millet


We kept this image by Japanese Photographer Yumehara Hokume on our fridge for YEARS.

yumehara hokume

And of course, Matisse just had REAL ONES hang out…;

top image via Desire to Inspire

I love to hit up thrift shops and even yard sales for a lot of the pieces in mine and the childrens’ wardrobe. Sometimes, I can look beyond what the piece currently is, and to what I can create it to be. With just a few basic beginner sewing skills you too, can take a piece of clothing and up-cycle it into a one of a kind outfit.

There’s a movement afoot to change Columbus Day to Explorer’s Day. First, because Columbus didn’t really discover America (it was explored by MANY before him).? And second because America has always been about exploring; it is a country of explorers.?Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing-Boing says it eloquently:

They say the first bite is with the eyes. Which is why appearance is so essential when serving food. With the season of family celebrations?fast approaching, there is plenty of scope for creating?a?fabulous backdrop for your festive feast. If you have family heirloom table linens now is the time to give them a refresh. If your tablecloth is looking a bit tired, invest in a new one that will see you through years of gatherings. Our collection?of table linen comes in a wide range of colours and textures, but it may be that you have a funny shaped table or need something bespoke. Unlike many manufacturers we offer a Design Your Way service so that we can produce individually sized linens including bespoke tablecloth, whatever the occasion.