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I found this miniature chandelier in a flea market and immediately thought about upcycling it with the Tattered Angels paint.Materials:Jade Decor &; DIY paint (Tattered Angels)Caspian Sea Glimmer Glam (Tattered Angels)yellow paper flowersTools Used: ?paint brushesTattered Angels Paint Choices For Upcycle?and Decor Projects:Stained Glass –; sheer paint, perfect for crystals, glass and plastic –; leaves object tinted, but it is translucentGlimmer Glam –; sheer paint with glitteraccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, perfect for any surface and the glitter dies into the paint with no mess –; we have even painted to top of a dress for a little girls room, so great and it makes a terrific top coat.Glimmer Mist –; stain wood and other porous items.Glimmer Glaze –; detail paint with a bit of dimensionHigh Impact Paint –; metallic or pigment color, these paints will cover any surface and level to a beautiful finishDecor &; DIY Paint –; matte finish paint similar to chalk or milk paint, will cover virtually any surface with no sanding and no priming.All paints are non-toxic, soap and water clean up and work beautifully for your creative needs. ?Step 1?–;?Paint the chandelier with the DIY paint, using a small brush.Step 2 –; Paint all the glass pendants. Hang it to dry. ?You can also dip them in the paint. ?Try Stained Glass if you do not want the glitter.Step 3 –;?Add flowers by winding the stems around the chandelier. You can use a flower with stem to hang the chandelier. ?If you are updating a full size chandelier you can use silk flowers or make your own paper or tissue flowers.So if you see an old chandelier that needs a little lovin’;, grab it and some Tattered Angels paints and?transform it into a work of art. ?If it is a miniature or the candles don’;t work, no worries just make it an accessory. If the mechanisms work, hang it in just the right place and plug it in or wire it up. ?Beautiful. ?For more of Valerie’;s work visit her blog –; Bonjour ScrapHappy DIY Crafting!! personalised birthday gifts


As if being beautiful, rich and famous wasn’t sufficient (but, enough about us), celebrities have been given bags full of gifts for attending award shows like the Golden Globes and Oscars for years. From the swag bag’s more humble beginnings as a small token of appreciation to a promotionally driven, IRS attention-worthy, six-figure price tag. Some bags have seen more controversy than some of their recipients’ time in the spotlight. (What’s up, 2007 Britney?) Read on for a glimpse into the history of the rags-to-riches spectrum of gifts, and how to snag one of these A-list swag bag gifts for your very own.

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