accent pillow case baby burlap decorative Using On-Trend Olympian Blue in Your Home funny cushion covers

With the Olympics playing such a huge part in many people's lives this year what could be more appropriate this Autumn/Winter than Olympian Blue. This shade of blue is deep and intense yet has an up-beat and lively look, making it the ideal colour for using in all styles of homes. The rich intensity of the colours works beautifully with this years metallic trend, namely goldaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, silver and bronzes.

Although blue is considered a cold colour if you use it wisely it can bring a natural warmth to your rooms. For small rooms it's a good idea to use the deep colour for a feature wall and team soft furnishings and accessories to bring a sense of balance and cohesion to the room.

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For larger rooms this dark colour tone works well with natural wood tones, soft ivory or makes a bold companion for Mediterranean oranges, terracotta and Tuscany yellow. Ready made curtains, cushions and large rugs are perfect for introducing Olympian Blue into your home, while duvet sets and bedding in paler tones will look crisp and clean when teamed with white or cream linen. D

on't reserve blue solely for the bathroom as is usually the case, this gorgeous colour can be used to bring a refreshing new look to your home and can be used to create a variety of interior design themes such as coastal, Scandinavian and the latest sea-foam colour schemes.

Opt for the deep intensity of Olympian Blue and the jewelled tones will bring a touch of opulence and refinement to your home, creating a striking décor which will lift you out of the Winter blues and provide your home with a superb new look which will see your past Winter and into next Spring in real style.

Nothing in your home says more about you than the art on your walls. Furniture has to serve such a multitude of purposes that often our decisions when choosing new pieces are lead by practicalities rather than the simple pursuit of beauty in our homes. Artwork however serves no practical use other than to decorate a space, meaning we are free to express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

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