accent pillow case baby burlap decorative Winner of February Prize and Decorate Your Easter Table with LinenMe! linen pillow covers

Many thanks for so active participation in our February competition to win Luxury Alpaca Wool Throw.

decorative pillow cases

It was a regular giveaway and the winner was chosen randomly by computer, but seeing that some of you really put your heart behind this competition I thought it wouldn’;t be fair not to notice it and offer a small gift. 3 Special thanks and hand made linen rose (click here) of your choice goes to:

1. Julie Francis for below entry:

When you feel cold and full of woeJust snuggle up under this warm cosy throw.Just being warm and snug is greatHope I don’;t have too long to wait? good luck to all keep warm and keep smiling…;

2.?Sandy Hallett? for below entry:

I’;d love to win this Alpaca throw –; a touch of luxury to put out on show. So warm and snug and truely divine –; please oh please –; let it be mine!

3.?Sarah North? for below entry:

Well here we go, I could win this Alpaca Throw…;I wish it could be mine…; it really is devine…;?my boy could be all snugaccent pillow case baby burlap decorative, like a little bug in a rug if he could be wrapped up in this he would be so smug…; so please let it be mine …;.because it really is devine x

And the winner of February giveaway is?Estelle Demontrond-Box from France. Congratulations!!!


Design Your Easter Table Setting –; LinenMe Will Make It!

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Thinking how to decorate your Easter table for your family and friends ?!. Here is an idea from LinenMe, which will solve your problem in 3 simple steps!

1. Describe your idea in what colours of linen tablecloth and napkins you would like to decorate your Easter table. You can browse LinenMe ideas for inspiration, but don’;t limit yourself. We have more than 300 colours of fabric in stock :-).2. Post your idea on facebook LinenMe’;s March competition page.3. Ask your friends to vote for your idea.

LinenMe will make sure that the dream idea with the most votes will come true andcustomized linen tablecloth and 12 napkins will be made and delivered to your home before Easter :-).

Additionally 3 the best ideas selected by LinenMe will be eligible for 50% discount ?for ?Easter shopping at?linenme.com.

You can enter this contest till 31st of March, 2012. The winner will be announced on 2nd of April.

Let’;s create!


Painting…many of us struggle with the concept; many of us tried and gave up; some of us – the lucky ones – are good at it. We tend to worry not only?about?the skill but also about the tools, the bases, the paints… Tattered Angels have everything you might need when it comes to paints:

I don’t usually decorate my home for any of the holidays – well, Christmas is the exception to this rule but that’s because of my upbringing. Anyways… I don’t usually decorate my home for Halloween or Easter or Valentine’s Day but this year, I decided to change it and try putting a bit of the seasonal feel into my house, you know… join the club, as some might say.

Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! If opening your closet doors in the morning leaves you with a dreary feeling then we have the perfect DIY project for you!? Now is the time to give your closet space a patterned makeover using wall stencils.? Today we’re hoping to inspire you to add pattern and color similar to this stenciled closet makeover using our Roses Allover pattern.? Come take a look.