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Lemons! I cannot live without?lemons. I’;ve got 10 Clever Ways to Clean with Lemons that will have you singing the praises of this beautiful yellow fruit! These are favorite tips that you may have never heard of before!

Besides putting them in my water daily, I use them in my tea and I love using them to clean! It’;s a great way to keep your home smelling fresh. Anytime I can find a?non-toxic household cleaner?that works, I’;m all over it! I already use non-toxic cleaning concentrates as well as a?toxin-free hardwood floor cleaner. This Natural Lemon Vinegar Cleaner looks like another great option.

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Having as many tools in our cleaning arsenal is always good! I hope you enjoy these 10 clever ways to clean with lemons!

Lemons are GREAT for getting out stains! Especially rust stains.?Instead of bleach, which can be harmfulburlap pillow cover diy, soak your delicates in lemon juice. Pour juice directly on stain, then soak in water.

You can also brighten whites by boiling your fabric in a?large pot?of water and several cut lemons. This is great for brightening socks!

Get rid of mildew?on fabrics by creating a paste of lemon juice and salt. Rub on the affected area, let it sit for a bit, then launder as usual.

Add the juice of one lemon to 1 gallon of mop water. This will help keep those pesky crawlers away!

Throw a few cut up lemons into your?garbage disposal. This will freshen up any stale or sour smells.

Borax?with lemon juice makes a great toilet bowl cleaner. Create a paste and clean away! No more smelly toilet. This is great on tile floors around the toilet too.

Cutting a lemon in half, rub on the metal portions in your shower to removed hard water spots.

The inside of a lemon rind can shine chrome right up! Great for?chrome faucets.?Just rub the inside of the rind along the faucet.

If you’;ve got beverage stains on your countertops, try adding a little lemon juice. If it’;s marble, be very careful of the amount of exposure. Most of the time, lemon juice is not good for marble products. Lemon juice also works great for some grout stains.

Keep your?humidifier from smelling stale by adding 3 or 4 teaspoons to the water.?

There you go!

If you have any others, I’;d love for you to leave me a comment! I’;m always looking for new cleaning tips!

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As promised, I’m back today to share how Mark made the space saver storage shelves for my office/craft room closet!? First, I want to show you the inspiration for this inside the closet door storage.? I first saw this closet door spice rack on Pinterest by??Shanty 2 Chic?and showed the plans to Mark!? He altered the plans slightly by using 0.25″ x 1.5″ x 22″ trim wood from Lowe’s?instead of drilling holes and inserting dowel rods to hold the spices on the shelves and he used his pneumatic brad nailer?to attach these trim pieces to the sides of the frame boards.

What do you get when you combine free-motion stitching with rulers? A beautiful style of quilting made up of precisely shaped patterns designed to fit the space you are quilting. Straight and curved rulers are used in a variety of ways to form patterns such as diamonds, bricks and piano keys as well as clam shells, spirographs, and scalloped motifs. Originally a longarm technique, you can now do rulerwork quilting on your home sewing machine. The ruler is placed against the presser foot and the foot follows the edge as the needle stitches. The ruler is then repositioned, so the stitches form the desired patterns.

Scarlet is almost seven years old! Gah! You guise!! How did that happen? Remember when she used to look like this? I can’t believe I was making that crib-size duvet five whole years ago. I am trying to even, but I can’t. Well, anyhoooo, along with being seven comes certain airs of grown-up-edness that she felt needed to be addressed in her room. Like, for example, she wanted a desk upon which to do her homework (or endless hours of beados), and a cozy place to read and play her guitar.