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When I saw this fabric backed dry erase board idea from Paper N Stitchon Craft, I got so excited! Life as a writer involves a lot of deadlines (as does life as a mom, right?) and I had been trying to think of a way to display my editorial dates &; story pitches for one of my other gigs in an up-in-your-face-get-it-done-now-woman kind of wayburlap pillow cover diy, while still being pleasant to look at. Thank you Britnni for the inspiration!See how I made my Fabric Backed Dry Erase Calendar after the jump…;

Fabric Backed Dry Erase Calendar

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1. Grabbed a cheap frame from the front-hall-closet of unused frames:

2. Ironed this Paula Prass Chevron fabric, cut it to a few inches bigger on all sides, and taped it to the cardboard insert that came with the frame:

3. I cut some lengths of ribbon, weaved them across the front at intervals appropriate to the spaces I need for my editorial calendar, and taped them to the back of the frame:

4. Put it back together and realized I hated the black frame:

5. Spray painted the frame a nice warm gray and hung that baby up. Snagged some washable dry erase markers and got to scheduling! Sorry I had to blur out the details, I don’;t want to scoop myself!

If I get motivated one of these days, I’;m going to take it down and use iron on transfers to make some labels (DUE DATE/ RUN DATE/ PITCH/ FEATURE, etc.)

That reminds me, I must find the time to take a long soak in the bathtub – running around preparing for Christmas, my body could do with some relaxation. I wouldn't want this of course if my bathroom wasn't inviting; it is okay sinking into hot water – but it won't feel so restful if the décor is hodge-podge!

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