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I love little crafts that you can make?in?less than?an hour, don’;t you? Ohburlap pillow cover diy, and even better?if they help use up?all those?fabric scraps! Check out these great tutorials for using small fabric scraps or strips to create beautiful blooming fabric flowers!

Learn to make bright and cheery Pop Garden Scrap Flowers?from Heather Bailey at her blog, Hello my name is Heather!

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Bring a little fabric flower goodness to your home with these long-stemmed beauties from Anj at Snowy Bliss –; find her tutorial right here. Aren’;t these just lovely? And they never need watering!

I have a thing for fabric yo-yo’;s –; and these stemmed flowers are made with a few different sized yo-yo’;s and a shank button –; get my yo-yo flower tutorial here. I also made some of these cuties as pins instead of stemmed flowers, and you can get an idea of how to stitch a safety pin on the back right here.

My name is Sharon Pernes and I am the proud owner of?two BERNINA sewing machines, a 210 and a 630 QE. This table runner is my first (free) pattern that was just introduced to my readers and followers last week. I’d love to share it with all my BERNINA sisters and brothers!

As we discussed in a prior blog post, your voice is the unique and recognizable artistic style that is distinctly your own; your inspiration, your materials, techniques, themes and color palette all working together in a way that looks like it comes from you and no one else.

We all have a few traditions that we tuck away and only use during special occasions or holidays, right?? And because they are traditions, they have so many memories attached…..even if it’s just the mention of some random recipe.? Something that my mom has made for years and years and YEARS, is Cherry Cheese Sweet Bread.? It’s a recipe that she adopted from a close family friend and is something that was only made at Christmas-time in our home growing up.? And holy smokes…….the memories that this little danish evokes is something that I truly cherish.? I love it.