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Hey friends! You may remember that we gave our front door a makeover a while back and we are still 100% in love with the new color and hardware. But one thing was missing…; We still needed a kick plate for our door. We actually purchased one and started to install it at the same time we installed the new door hardware, but we stopped when we realized the holes for the screws didn't line up with the old kick plate holes. If we had installed it, we would have wound up with approximately 50 screw holes in the doorandwe realized we didn't like seeing all those screw heads sticking out anyway. So we returned it and our front door has been sans kick plate ever since.

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But then I finally had an idea for the kick plate that would give us a much cooler AND screw-free look. I think Joe thought I was a little nuts when I suggested it and frankly, I wasn't sure what would happen when I started cutting either. But it worked out perfectly! Read on to learn how to make your own DIY kick plate that is so much cooler than those you can buy in the store.

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1) Measure the area of your door where you want to apply your kick plate. Clean the same area very well and let it dry completely.

2) Mark and cut your aluminum sheet to size. Since our door is 36″; wide, we were able to preserve the banding around the top and side edges. BE SURE TO DRY FIT IT after you cut it and make sure your size is spot on before moving on to the next step.

3) Use a foam paint brush to apply yourDAP Gel Contact Cementto the back of your aluminum sheet AND to the corresponding area on your door. Follow the instructions on the contact cement can and let it dry for the appropriate length of time. Be sure to also pay attention to the temperature requirements.

4) Once it has dried the correct amount of time, carefully line up your aluminum sheet to the bottom of your door. I recommendholding the aluminum piece perpendicular to thedoorwhile you align the bottom of the kick plate on both corners. Once you are sure it is level, pivot it up so that the entire sheet makes contact with your door. I don't have photos of this step because we used both sets of hands to make sure it was perfect. Once contact is made, it bonds right away, so you kind of have to get it right the first time ;)

5) Use a rigid brayer to apply force to the entire surface of your kick plate. I had Joe stand behind the door to hold it in place so I could really press hard. You want to make sure you have really good contact over the surface of your entire kick plate.

That's it! I'm so thrilled with how it turned out and I love the pop of gold on our front door. It looks so pretty with the blue!

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Hey guys!! I made a bustier from old jeans! I am so excited to share this project because it was so fun to make. So, whatever you do don't throw out those old jeans so fast, upcycle them! Reuse them and make something cool. I made this bustier by utilizing my dress from, a strapless bra and draping.

In August, we suddenly had a heat wave in the Yukon (in northern Canada). Normally summer is almost over at this time of year, and when I went shopping for a sleeveless top, all I could find were down-filled vests and jackets!

i made this for a friend. She wanted something to keep her baby warm this winter but she also wanted it to be an awesome 80's throw back. Hopefully you all liked the movie Gremlins.