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It’;s almost like bananas were designed with baby food in mind. Soft, sweet and don’;t require any cooking. If your baby has a taste for bananas then finding baby food recipes just got a whole lot easier for you as many recipes use the banana as a base.

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Remember, always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing new foods to your baby.

Here would be the part of the article where I normally present you with a useful kitchen tool to help you with the following recipes. Today’;s “;recommendation”; is going to be a bit more tongue in cheek. I present to you, a completely useless kitchen tool. The Banana Slicer.

Rather than sing the banana slicers praises, I’;m going to let the amazon reviews speak for themselves:

“;No more cutting bananas by throwing them at the ceiling fan”;

“;Cuts bananas better than a hammer”;

“;Is there a metric version? My mom lives in Europe and says it doesn’;t work on metric bananas.”;

And those are just a few of the gems. You can read more reviews here. Some of them are side-splittingly hilarious.

Style: As pictured.Features:–; Plastic.–; Banana shaped.

Check it out

Yes, I understand that the product is designed to allow younger children to cut bananas without giving them a knife but the product does not make this overly clear.

Okay, enough goofing around. Let us get onto the real reason you are hereburlap pillow cover diy, to browse delicious banana baby food recipes.

Okay, so it is hardly a recipe but it’;s still tasty. Baby food doesn’;t get much simpler than this.



Bonus Tip: If you are looking for an extra ingredient to mix this recipe up, banana combines well with peach, pear, apple, any kind of berry, yogurt, even breast milk or formula.

Baking banana really brings out the fruit’;s flavor. The beauty of this recipe is that you can bake any other number of fruits with the bananas to form a baby taste sensation. Get creative.



Bonus Tip: Fruits that bake well with the banana include: peaches, pears, apples, blueberries, and strawberries. Experiment. The results are delicious.

The sweet taste of banana combined with the nourishment of brown rice. A winner in any baby’;s book. This recipe builds upon the baked bananas that you prepared in the recipe above, #2 Baked Bananas. Makes 3 cups.



While this baby food recipe is more complicated and time-consuming than the others, the results are both delicious and nutritious.



(Makes approx. 3 1/2 cups).

As per the namesake, these popsicles are a great way to beat the heat in the warmer months. You can even use these to soothe your teething baby’;s inflamed gums.



Bonus Tip: If your baby cannot eat a whole popsicle and you are finding the remaining popsicle go to waste, simply half fill each popsicle mold. The end result is a fairer sized popsicle.

Another tasty baby meal that combines the goodness of vegetable while the bitterness is offset by the sweetness of the banana. For babies, under 10 months it is recommended that you steam the kale as it may be difficult for a baby to digest.



Bonus Tip: Looking for a tropical kale blast? Add half a cup of pineapple pieces and 1 tablespoon of unsweetened apple juice.

Do you know any homemade baby food recipes prominently featuring bananas? If you have a recipe or modification you would love to share, leave it below.

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