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It’s seldom far from the catwalk colour palette, but red is a colour that many people shy away from when it comes to interior decor. It is an unmistakably strong and powerful colour and is often associated with danger, but red’s reputation for being difficult or dangerous to decorate with is undeserved and its qualities and possibilities are sadly very much misunderstood when it comes to using red in our homes.

Pantone’s take on red this year is a luscious, rich, red which they are hailing as ‘Aurora Red’. They accurately describe it as “a bold red that is warm, sensual and immediately pleasing to the eye. It gets the metaphorical blood of the colour palette pumping; and is exciting, dynamic and breeds unmistakable confidence” I would describe it as a ‘true red’, neither an orange-red or a cherry-red and not too vivid or fluorescent either. More of a true lipstick, scarlet or post box red and if you can describe a colour as mature, then I would say that this red is pleasingly vibrant in a very mature way.

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Aurora Red Inspiration – So here are some inspirational ideas on how to incorporate this robust, vibrant and dynamic colour into your interior decor without taking things to danger level. Here’s proof that this season red stands for radiant - not for danger!

If you’re not brave enough for all out red, then a feature wall is a great way to go to add impact without overload; and a stunning geometric wallpaper can have just as much of an effect as a wall of block colour. The intensity of the plain red painted wall above is cleverly and calmly diffused by the airy blue wall and carefully tied in with a few well placed accessories.

The colour cautious among you may just prefer to throw in a few accents of red to bring your colour scheme up to date and on-trend, as in the two images above; and to be fair, a few well balanced items of any strong accent colourburlap pillow cover diy, not just red, can look far more effective and professional than going mad with a colour overload.

If you like the idea of using red on your walls to get some impact, but it frightens you a little as an interior colour then some of the best colours to team it with, to calm it down and take out the heat without using impact, are cool beiges and neutrals.

So you couldn’t go far wrong mixing it with this season’s trend for taupe and warm taupe, natural woods and warm browns as complementary colours to take the heat out of the situation. The resulting interiors will look opulent and inviting.

If you want to go a bit brighter and prefer your red to look a bit more invigorating, then it works fantastically well with pure, crisp white. Not only does the white set off the intensity of the red and reflect its true radiance but it calms and cools the colour as well, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms, to keep the look balanced. Red and white combos suit very modern interiors with clean lines and minimal fuss.

.but don’t think that discounts red as an interior colour for you if you have a more period or traditional styled home. Red is a very traditional, regal, royal colour, often associated with riches and social affluence, so let’s take pantone’s advice and think of red as dynamic and inspiring confidence and apply that to our period style homes to create lusciously opulent traditional interiors with a daring modern edge.

Grey has featured strongly as an on-trend base colour for a number of seasons now and shows no signs of losing its popularity just yet; which is good news for the red trend as grey complements, calms and showcases red beautifully. As effective as base neutrals such as beige and cream, grey and red combined in the right proportions can again make an effective interior scheme for modern and traditional interiors alike.

For those of you who shudder at the thought of red in your bedroom, (because of its association with, shall we say, some of the ‘risqué’ interiors of yesteryear), then take inspiration from the two stunning images above and below.

Both use substantial amounts of red in block colour, but both schemes are very well balanced with natural wood finishes, neutrals and white so that the red is a major feature but is not overpowering or over abundant. Modern furniture finishes and shapes further enhance the look in both rooms to create very stylish yet comfortable sleep havens.

And here’s some more inspiring if not surprising use of red – in the bathroom!

Probably not normally a colour associated with bathrooms, these images demonstrate what a versatile colour red is and how rightly it is earning its position as an effective colour for interior decoration and not just for the fashion catwalks.

Far from tacky or risqué, these stunning bathroom schemes are testament to the virtues and versatility of red; so let’s give red a round of applause and keep it in the running for a well deserved place on our interior design colour palette! Get the Look - My Top Choices from our product range to help you to ‘get the look’ with Jewel in the Crown - Reds

If you’re not brave enough for red walls then why not opt for some block colour instead? Our Midtown eyelet curtains have a luxurious silky feel in a stunning red base fabric which showcases embroidered geometric detailing in white. The look is stunning and vivd without being overbearing and the quality of these ready made curtains is exceptional!

Our modern Matrix rug in Beige/red demonstartes just how well red works with natural wood and with neutral tones of beige. The splashes of red in this rug both complement and lift the otherwise neutral scheme in this setting. Rugs are a great way of adding colour trends and dividing spacesas well as giving a room a new dimension and adding detail and comfort.

Our Richmond duvet set brings a modern splash of red to the bedroom in a bold but chic way. The look is clean, stylish and up to date; proof that red in the bedroom doesn’t have to look romantic or feminine. Admitedly, overkill with red in the bedroom can lead to the much maligned ‘tart’s boudoir’ effect, but this modern duvet combined with a few carefully placed red accessories is more likely to give you a style overload than a colour overload!

And why not just have some fun with red? Our Scooter bedding is quirky and upbeat and adds just enough red to make the look striking but stylish at the same time; and although not age specific, this bedding set would make a fabulous talking point in teenage bedrooms or even guest rooms.

If you’re looking for something stylish in red for window treatments and furnishings then our Heathland, Serafina, Goa and Dawn Chorus curtain fabrics are simply a few examples from our extensive range of red patterned fabrics. We have a huge selection of plain red fabrics too, from lightweight faux silk finishes to luxurious textured chenilles and velvets.

And if you’re after just touches of red for your accessories then take a look at some of our home wares and accessories to get just the right amount of red that you’re after to complete your look. Shop this colour on Terrys Fabrics – Transform your home for less with some more cool and affordable Jewels in the Crown - Reds that I found for you

Another of the surprisingly vibrant and exotic colours from the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ palette (a collection of strong pops of colour that we wouldn’t normally expect to see in our autumn colour palettes) and featuring strongly on the catwalks this season; mustardy yellows like Pantone’s ‘Spicy Mustard’ and opulently rich, warm and vibrant yellow golds in general, are making deliciously effective ‘seasonings’ to flavour our interiors.

So much so in fact that Dulux – another world leader in colour prediction – announced their colour of the year 2016 as ‘Cherished Gold, tying in with the ongoing trend of using metallics in our homes. Cherished Gold is a deeper, more subtle and subdued shade than the vibrance and vividness of Pantone’s spicy mustard; but still from the same sunny and cheerful side of the colour spectrum, cherished gold and yellow golds in particular, bring a positive and uplifting vibe to our interiors.

Pantone describe their new Spicy Mustard as unexpected and unusual and it certainly brings a zestier yellow tone to the autumn palette than previous years. It brings the feel good factor to the colour palette and sits firmly and accurately in the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ palette. The more earthy quality of Cherished gold, however, sees it sitting comfortably in either the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ palette or the ‘Spiced Earth’ one and brings a more predictable but luxurious touch of glamour to our homes.

Mustard &; Gold Inspiration - Here’s a few great examples of how to use Spicy Mustard and Cherished Gold shades in our homes to create stylish, attractive and on-trend interior (and exterior) schemes:

For starters I couldn’t resist including this vibrant mustard yellow front door because it gives such a bright and cheery welcome on the outside, leaving one intrigued as to what’s on the inside!??? And in complete contrast, this stunningly opulent gold wallpaper creates a subdued but luxurious, elegant, warm and inviting welcome on the inside.

Both colours are accommodating and will work equally as well with pale pastels or natural wood finishes as they will with other stronger jewel tones, mixed metallics or black.

Spicy mustard works particularly well with the ongoing love of ‘Grey’ in our interiors, .

as the vibrancy of the mustard complements the neutrality of the grey; .

keeping the look interesting but balanced and grounded at the same time - a good way to go if you’re cautious about the strength and vibrancy of this invigorating colour.

Mustard pops against white, showcasing its true zest-iness and vibrance, .

complements natural wood, stone and metallic finishes; and is effective at accommodating mixed pastels with ease and style. And as ‘midnight-blues’ and ‘navy’ are so prevalent in the autumn/winter 2106/17 colour palette we shouldn’t overlook how mustard works with blue??? Answer = exceptionally well!

Mustard pops against navy and

Gold and navy is a classic and opulent combination which imbues luxurious, opulent, and inviting interiors. And finally, if going wall to wall with mustard or gold scares you,

then be inspired by these cheerful and inviting iteriors and be assured that these tones are not too hot to handle when it comes to interior decor! Get the Look - My Top Choices from our product range to help you to ‘get the look’ with Spicy Mustard and Cherished

Gold ?Our stunning Bauhaus floor and table lamps are available in a delicious combination of ochre and copper; and mixed with a few other well chosen accessories, would provide the perfect way of adding stylish, effective and affordable mustard accents to an otherwise neutral scheme.

Large-area rugs are a great way to add instant and affordable colour accents too and can often change the look of a the dimensions of a room completely. Our beautifully Sable rug in deep yellow would add interesting texture too.

If you’re not up for ‘all-out’ mustard or gold then our Haze bedding offers a beautiful taupe-grey base with deeper taupe, mustard and cream foliage, and a quilted bedspread and matching cushions - perfect for creating a professionally co-coordinated look for the more cautious interior decorator.

Mustard works well with natural wood finishes and our Polly curtain fabric demonstrates just how well it works against the aged, unfinished wood in this perfectly natural and rustic interior scheme.

And the Mustard and Gold tones of our Napoli, Hedgerow, Scandi and Emi curtain fabrics are just four from our full range of deliciously mustard-y hues. Shop this colour on Terrys Fabrics – Transform your home for less with some more cool and affordable Mustard and Cherished Gold products that I found for you

As promised, I’m back today to share how Mark made the space saver storage shelves for my office/craft room closet!? First, I want to show you the inspiration for this inside the closet door storage.? I first saw this closet door spice rack on Pinterest by??Shanty 2 Chic?and showed the plans to Mark!? He altered the plans slightly by using 0.25″ x 1.5″ x 22″ trim wood from Lowe’s?instead of drilling holes and inserting dowel rods to hold the spices on the shelves and he used his pneumatic brad nailer?to attach these trim pieces to the sides of the frame boards.

What do you get when you combine free-motion stitching with rulers? A beautiful style of quilting made up of precisely shaped patterns designed to fit the space you are quilting. Straight and curved rulers are used in a variety of ways to form patterns such as diamonds, bricks and piano keys as well as clam shells, spirographs, and scalloped motifs. Originally a longarm technique, you can now do rulerwork quilting on your home sewing machine. The ruler is placed against the presser foot and the foot follows the edge as the needle stitches. The ruler is then repositioned, so the stitches form the desired patterns.

Scarlet is almost seven years old! Gah! You guise!! How did that happen? Remember when she used to look like this? I can’t believe I was making that crib-size duvet five whole years ago. I am trying to even, but I can’t. Well, anyhoooo, along with being seven comes certain airs of grown-up-edness that she felt needed to be addressed in her room. Like, for example, she wanted a desk upon which to do her homework (or endless hours of beados), and a cozy place to read and play her guitar.