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Hello everyone,

This is Daniela from On the Cutting Floor. I am glad to be here again to show you an easy sewing tutorial to make a pincushion wristband.

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Gather together your materials to create the pincushion wristband.

1. Grab the piece of fabric for the pincushion and fold the longest sides 3/8 inch to the wrong side of the fabric, and stitch it with a straight line.

2. After this, fold the pincushion in two, on the longest side. Overlap the fabric 1 inch and press flat.

3. Stitch the sides of the pincushion with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

For this step I used the overlock?stitch. Thenburlap pillow cover diy, cut the excess fabric.

4. Turn the pincushion to the right side and press flat.

5. Add the fiberfill?stuffing?to the pincushion.

6. ?After than, place the pincushion over the fabric wristband. The pincushion must be placed in the middle.

7. ?Pin the pincushion to the fabric.

8. ?And stitch the sides, top and bottom. Then, make 4 squares as shown in the picture below.

9. Place the batting to the wrong side of the inner fabric.

10. Make straight lines across the fabric with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Top and bottom will have 1/2 inch seam allowance.

11. ?Now, both sides of the wristband are ready.

12. ?Place the Velcro on the sides of the wristband, as shown in the picture below. Then, stitch them to the wristband 1/8 inch from the edge of the Velcro.

13. ?Now, place the two wristband pieces, together, right sides facing, and pin.

14. ?Now, starting in the middle of the upper side, sew around the wristband with a straight stitch. Leave a 4”; opening to turn the wristband to the right side.

15. ?Cut the excess fabric.

16. ?And turn the wristband to the right side.

17. ?Press the wristband and top-stitch it.

And now it is ready to use!

Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope you enjoy your sewing wristband as much as I do.

A fabulous step-by-step digitizing tutorial from Rhea Lucovsky,?Elegant Stitches, Cary, NC.

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