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You could really look at living rooms two ways - some of you will want a space that is minimalist, just for relaxing and curling up with a good book; on the other hand, some will need their living rooms for multiple purposes that could require more of those essentials we are talking about.

Get pens and paper ready if you want to have the ultimate list for living room essentials - courtesy of the Terry's Fabrics blog!

burlap pillow cover diy

You have a few options when it comes to lighting and you might want to choose more than one set of lights. Ceiling lights, floor lampsburlap pillow cover diy, wall sconces and table lamps will all work well in the living room. Try to make your choices interesting with attractive shades to compliment your style. Assess what your individual needs are for lighting up the space and use dimmers where you can to instantly change the mood.

Naturally you want to be comfortable and so seating is inevitable - even if you have a pile of beanbags! Rattan furniture can be used in lounges seeking a touch of the outdoors, leather sofas are a timeless piece worthy of the investment and fabric sofas give you unlimited choice for colours and patterns. If you don't have a separate guest room, consider a sofa-bed for giving you the option of letting late guests stay over. Modular furniture is very popular now for their versatile designs. Armchairs are a good consideration if you like a full suite or if you need a seat that can be moved around more freely.

Most will appreciate the practicality of having a coffee table for placing drinks, remote, reading material etc. Usually this is placed central of the main seating area so the look is important - consider the material, shape, size and style before buying. Will you need one with a shelf underneath or even drawers built in - or is it the simplicity of a minimalist glass table; side-tables need similar considerations.

You can really change the look of your lounge with the use of fabrics as used for floor rugs, slip covers, window treatments, cushions and throws. Choose colours that you love and don't be afraid of using some pattern to help achieve a certain theme or style. Eyelet curtains ready made offer lots of choice when it comes to modern prints, trendy colours and sumptuous materials such as suede or silk curtain fabric.

I have had a few requests for Christmas stockings. So while I was out looking through the upholstery fabric and found the material for my tree skirt, I picked up some for a stocking too…… (and a little bit of velvet-y trim for the top.)

Hey, did you know that today is National S’Mores Day? Don’t you just love all of these funny new holidays we seem to have :)…. In celebration I’m sharing with you this S’Mores Mason Jar Gift Idea and free printable tag. If you like this post you may also love this recipe for 10 minute S’Mores Cake!?

Second only to the walls in terms of surface area, the flooring in your home offers a real opportunity to make a large scale style statement. Unlike walls however, flooring has the added task of standing up to a lot of wear and tear. Finding a good balance is crucial to successful flooring. Carpeting is currently making a huge comeback.